Schon CX65 Pool Cue

Schon CX65 Pool Cue
Item# CX65

Product Description

Tip: 13mm Proprietary Leather

Ferrule: 1" Proprietary

Shaft: 29'' Hardrock Maple 10-12'' Pro Taper

Collar: Stainless Steel

Pin: 5/16x14

Piloted: Yes

Forearm: Ebony Forearm

Ring: Silver Rings

Wrap: Ebony McCaster Wood

Sleeve: Ebony Sleeve with Two Rings

Plate: Black

Bumper: Black rubber

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

Other: Due to the unique nature of Schon custom cues, stain, veneers, and inlays may vary in color.

Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Schon Weight Bolt